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    Combined Rhinoplasty


    Combined rhinoplasty is a high protocol, as it provides the opportunity to solve more than one aesthetic problem in a single anesanaesthesiasion.


    Combined rhinoplasty is mainly planned for patients who have other aesthetic needs in addition to rhinoplasty. Still, sometimes the doctor may also have recommendations on this issue because a successful aesthetic nose surgery must be compatible with the contours of the face and skin structure.


    In other words, the fact that the facial contours after nose surgery are incompatible with the new nose image can lead to the fact that the nose that has been done will stand out and get an unnecessary emphasis. In this case, it is not enough to have made a perfect nose because the holistic aesthetic harmony of the face has not been achieved.


    Combined rhinoplasty is increasingly preferred because it brings a holistic and compact aesthetic perspective to aesthetic nose surgeries.


    It is possible to achieve a more aesthetically harmonious facial expression thanks to non-surgical aesthetic applications such as surgery and botox and filler simultaneously with witnessed surgery.


    What is Combined Rhinoplasty?


    Combined rhinoplasty is an aesthetic nose surgery protocol that combines aesthetic nose surgery with applications such as Thread Lift, filling and botox applications, facial rejuvenation, and reshaping of the jawjawlined face shape. Combined nose surgery, which occurs at the intersection of rhinoplasty with facial harmonisation, is one of the aesthetic nose operations with high patient satisfaction.


    Depending on the patient’s needs when planning rhinoplasty, operations such as raising low eyebrows, making cheekbones prominent, and lifting the face upwards are included in this protocol and perforsimultaneouslytime, depending on the patient’s needs.


    Combined rhinoplasty has been gaining increasing popularity lately because its holistic aesthetic understanding has become the current point of view in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic applications. Aesthetic nose surgery makes the renewed nose look more compatible with other face elements.


    Combined rhinoplasty, which has many other advantages, is a handy option for us surgeons because it allows us to achieve an organic facial expression.


    How Is Combined Rhinoplasty Performed?


    Combined rhinoplasty is performed in an operating room environment under general anaesthesia with the help of a wide range of methods and tools used in nose surgeries, with the open or closed rhinoplasty technique according to a specially created surgical protocol.


    The most crucial stage of combined rhinoplasty is a detailed aesthetic examination, during which the doctor carefully listens to the patient.


    During this face-to-face interview, which is carried out to understand the patient’s complaints and expectations best, the holistic aesthetics of the face and other elements, especially the nose, are evaluated in terms of aesthetic ratio.


    In addition to rhinoplasty, the applications requested by the patient and the aesthetic changes they will create are evaluated by the doctor or the patient with the doctor’s recommendations. An operation plan is designed according to the procedures and techniques to be performed.


    Combined Rhinoplasty Techniques


    According to the patient’s current nose, which techniques will be used in nose surgeries are determined during the examination. One of these techniques is no better or worse than the other.


    The main thing is to determine the correct technique for the nose to be reconstructed and perform it in the best way.


    Combined rhinoplasty can be performed using both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques:


         Combined Rhinoplasty with Open Technique

    Along with open nose surgery, for example, thread lifting and facial rejuvenation are combined rhinoplasty plans that we often practice. Thus, the tightening of the face, lifting the low eyebrows, and prominent cheekbones refresh the facial expression while the nose is renewed.


    Thanks to combined rhinoplasty, we get a much more aesthetically consistent result. Wrinkle removal, jawline regulation, Jawline, mid facelift, and cheek and cheekbone filling are some of the procedures combined with open rhinoplasty.


         Combined Rhinoplasty with Closed Technique

    Combined rhinoplasty can also be performed using the closed nose surgery technique. In the same way, the combined rhinoplasty protocol with the closed technique is planned to meet the anatomical and aesthetic requirements of the face.


    With combined rhinoplasty, it is possible to eliminate asymmetries in other face elements, such as lips, ears, forehead, eyebrows and eye area, chin tip and jawline, and reposition their posture according to aesthetic ratio.


         Holistic Approaches to Combined Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Holistic aesthetic approaches are an essential issue that should be considered even in a small filler application. Holistic approaches become crucial in operations that drastically change facial expressions, such as nose surgery.


    The tools and methods used in aesthetic nose surgeries performed with an open or closed technique are selected individually and repeatedly in each operation within these holistic approaches. So we can make natural and flawless noses.


    To Have More Than One Aesthetic Procedure At the Same Time!


    In addition to having more than one aesthetic simultaneously provides many advantages, it allows us to see the face as a whole, especially when it comes to rhinoplasty. It always allows us to get satisfactory results in favour of the patient.


    The main thing here is an experienced team of doctors working on the issue of combined aesthetic procedures.


    Combined rhinoplasty is a laborious process that is advantageous for the patient and requires serious care for the doctor.


    Operations That Can be Performed Together with Rhinoplasty


         Rhinoplasty+Thread Lift

    Thread lift is a highly comfortable and popular facial rejuvenation/lifting application performed with tiny incisions. When combined with rhinoplasty, it becomes much more comfortable under general anaesthesia.


    Combining nose surgery with a thread lift due to a mid-facelift and lifting on the cheeks allows us to solve many problems with a single application. It is a great aesthetic formula to rejuvenate the face and refresh the gaze and a renewed nose.


         Rhinoplasty + Fox Eyes

    Fox Eyes, or Almond Eye Surgery, as it is known in Turkey, can also be performed by thread lifting. It is another of the procedures that we do very often in combination with rhinoplasty.


    Especially in people who have left nose surgery at an advanced age or whose eyelids are structurally low, planning an eye surgery simultaneously with nose surgery is a highly effective and aesthetically holistic approach.


         Rhinoplasty + Crow’s Feet

    We can say that there are many ways to get rid of crow’s feet. Non-surgical procedures such as filling or botox can be combined with nose surgery. The lines around the eyes can be removed with a thread lift and other techniques to stretch the temple and rejuvenate the area around the eyes.


    It is a practical solution to interfere with the smile lines on the nose and the smile lines formed around the eyes during application. Thus, the new nose looks completely harmonious with the skin.


         Rhinoplasty + Forehead Lift

    A sagging forehead reduces the skin’s resistance to gravity, and the sagging skin leaves itself downwards, which will also affect the nose, causing the wrinkles to deepen.


    Combined rhinoplasty collects the sagging, loosened forehead skin upward during aesthetic nose surgery, reduces the load on the nose, and allows us to get a much more pleasant image.


    Botox on the forehead lines simultaneously as aesthetic nose surgery is another technique we use in this context.


         Rhinoplasty + Cheekbone

    The anatomical condition of the nose sometimes overshadows the appearance of the cheekbones, making them stand out excessively. Since the patient’s attention is no longer on the nose after nose surgery, other asymmetries or aesthetic defects on the face often become noticeable. Combined rhinoplasty is a procedure that we recommend to the patient, especially when we foresee such situations.


    Because the cheekbones are reshaped or positioned so that they are compatible with the nose, the patient remains much longer than their nose.


         Rhinoplasty + Jawline

    The shape and appearance of the jawline and where the tip of the jaw stands affect the body and expression of the face as much as the nose.


    Combined rhinoplasty includes applications such as rasping the tip of the jaw that is too far in front, positioning the tip of the jaw behind it should be with a filler or ptosis application and bringing the faint jawline to a prominent line with a Jawline filler process.


         Rhinoplasty + Nasolabial Lines

    Starting from the outer side of the nostrils and descending to the edge of the mouth, the person looks older as the nasolabial groove deepens.


    One of the things we check before rhinoplasty is the nasolabial lines. If these lines are deepened, it is essential to plan a combined rhinoplasty to prevent dissatisfaction after surgery because after the nose is made, such lines/defects become more visible.


         Rhinoplasty + Fine Lines and Facial Sagging

    Wrinkles and stabilised lines caused by ageing, genetic causes, environmental factors, and the use of facial expressions cause tired and old facial expressions. In the same way, sagging on the cheeks and sagging of the face make the contours of the face silicier, and the person looks older than s/he is.


    Combining nose aesthetics and facial rejuvenation for men or women with such complaints is a promising approach for the patient. The renewed nose may seem incompatible with the worn skin tissue, which also casts a shadow on the success of nose surgery.


    Who Is Combined Rhinoplasty Suitable For?


    Combined rhinoplasty is suitable only for all individuals who will not be satisfied with the improvement on their face with rhinoplasty.


    Especially in cases such as sagging skin, asymmetry or aesthetic defect in the jawbone, the tip of the jaw is too far behind or too far ahead; combined rhinoplasty is an excellent solution for men and women of all ages who want to solve these minor problems together with nose surgery.


    The Age Limit for Combined Rhinoplasty


    Anyone can have a combined rhinoplasty from the age of 18.


    In young people who have reached the age of 16 with the consent of their parents, it is possible to perform combined rhinoplasty, provided that the development of facial bones, nasal bone and cartilage tissue has been completed.


    Combined rhinoplasty is especially appropriate nasal aesthetic planning for people of advanced age.


    Before and After Combined Rhinoplasty


    Before combined rhinoplasty, the detailed aesthetic examination process is more complex than aesthetic nose surgery. According to the procedures to be performed, the steps after creating a personalised operation plan proceed similarly to rhinoplasty surgery.


    The healing process after combined rhinoplasty also shares similar methods with rhinoplasty surgery.


    When Does Edema Subside After Combined Rhinoplasty?


    Edema goes down in a significant amount in about 20 days. After combined rhinoplasty, it takes two months for the face to take its final shape and the edema to largely subside.


    What is the Duration of Hospitalization After Combined Rhinoplasty?


    The night of the operation is spent in the hospital, under supervision, and the next day, after the check-up by the attending physician, the patient is discharged.


    What to Pay Attention for After Combined Rhinoplasty


    Following the recommendations of your doctor as much as possible after combined rhinoplasty promotes a more comfortable healing process, and the result will be much nicer:


         It is important not to bend down during the first 48 hours.

         The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited until your doctor gives permission

         It is necessary to stay away from high heat environments such as sauna, hammam, and solarium.

         Heavy sports should be suspended for a while.

         Sunbathing, prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended.

         When taking a shower, it should be paid attention that the water is not too pressurised and not too hot.


    Is Combined Rhinoplasty Performed in the Summer?


    It can be done, but in summer, there is such a fact as making extra efforts to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. People who are sure that they will behave sensitively enough can also have a combined rhinoplasty in the summer.


    Can Revision Rhinoplasty Be Planned as a Combined Rhinoplasty?


    Of course, it can be planned, and even in most cases, it becomes almost mandatory to plan revision nose surgery in the form of combined rhinoplasty. It is a correct approach to answer this question depending on the severity of the deformation and how long it has been since the first nose job.


    When Does the Nose Get Its Final Shape After Rhinoplasty?


    The nose takes its final shape within 1-1.5 years after combined rhinoplasty.


    Advantages of Combined Rhinoplasty


         Multiple aesthetic applications performed in the same anaesthesia session are much more economical than having these procedures done at different times.

         Since it is performed under general anaesthesia, it is maximally comfortable for the patient.

         By completing the healing processes together, you save time and reduce the hassle of the healing process.

         The result is highly aesthetically satisfying, as it allows us to achieve holistic aesthetic regeneration.


    Combined Rhinoplasty Istanbul/Turkey


    Due to our experience in combined aesthetic surgeries in Turkey, medical tourism patients worldwide especially prefer Istanbul to achieve the change they dream of.


    The increasing popularity of combined rhinoplasty among aesthetic nose surgery procedures in Istanbul is an actual result of our success in this field.


    Combined Rhinoplasty Prices


    Combined rhinoplasty prices are individually budgeted in each case according to the procedures to be performed in addition to rhinoplasty.

    Suppose non-surgical aesthetic practices are combined simultaneously with rhinoplasty. In that case, the cost of aesthetic procedures performed with small incisions, such as facelift, and thread lift, differs from the financial picture that occurs when combined.


    It is worth recalling that the prices for combined rhinoplasty are lower for aesthetic applications combined with rhinoplasty than for performing them one by one.

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