The Almond eye has become one of the most preferred applications today with its attractive and deep expression that visually reveals the eye shape.

    Almond eye aesthetics, mainly performed as non-surgical aesthetic applications, attracts attention with the advantages that they do not require surgery and offer natural results.

    Almond eye aesthetics with the thread lift method provides successful results without requiring surgical operations with its permanent and post-procedure comfort.

    Eyebrow lifting with a thread lift procedure and stretching the eyes towards the temples, known as fox eyes, are standard today. When we look at the people who have thread lifts, we see that most of the applications we see visually are made with thread lifts. This method, applied by experienced physicians, is preferred because it allows people to achieve the taut facial contours they want in a shorter time without surgery.   

    A thread facial lift operation is a technique that can be used instead of a facelift operation, such as suspending the face upward from under the skin with special threads used for medical purposes.

    How is almond eye surgery performed?

    It uses particular silicone-coated strands placed under the skin to shape the eyes. As a result of the examination of the specialist physician before the application, planning is made according to the patient’s wishes and face shape. The eye is given the desired shape by stretching the special threads placed. It is an operation performed with local anaesthesia. The processing time can vary between 20-30 min.

     After almond eye aesthetics with thread lift

    There is no suture procedure after applying the almond eye with a thread lift. The patient can continue the routine life within 4-5 days by following the doctor’s recommendations. At least ten days after the procedure, peeling and massage should not be performed on the skin. They must be protected from excessive heat.

    How long is the durability of almond eye aesthetics with thread lift?

    The permanence of almond eye surgery with thread lift varies between 6 months and two years. This is because the skin can return to its former state due to the influence of age and gravity.


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